I’m a Texas girl with sights set to live in as many places as physically possible.

Currently: the melting pot of California. What has this taught me?

  • Mountains exist.
  • Flour tortillas do not.
  • State Tax is a thing.
  • Humidity is not.

Okay, okay, but seriously:

  • There is ALWAYS something to do, somewhere to go, a new band to be heard. If your town is quiet, the next town is never too far away. Also, regular oil changes, because reasons.
  • People are as friendly with you as you are with them. The more you engage, the more they relate. Keep an honest, supportive personality, and soon, people will know of you before you know of them (slightly creepy, but very bubbly-making).
  • Your occupation is what you make of it. Your coworkers are what you make of them. Your future career accomplishments are direct results of what you make of the time you invest.
  • There are waaaay too many books in this world, and the need for a pause in publishing for five seconds has never been higher. Am I right??

Love via music, Peace via the written word. Happiness via community, Wisdom via the journey.